NHS Wound Medicine

12th August 2016

Lower limb leg ulcers are a painful and debilitating problem for many people. However great advances in recent technology have enabled a new approach to wound care.

After a year in production we have finished our latest film for the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, Wound Medicine. We interviewed healthcare providers from across the county, including clinicians, GP’s and  CCG’s to find out what’s new and what’s improving.

We found a range of improvements partly based on advances in technology. Wound medicine staff can now treat wounds in patient’s homes with advice from the most experienced doctors directly through the use of the new tablets. Staff can also photograph wounds for more specific advice and follow the in-built guidelines on how to progress with each patient. This means nothing is ever forgotten and patients are receiving the highest level of care all the time.

This film will screen nationally and provide evidence of the outstanding work of the Kent Wound Medicine Team.