Hang Ups

12th August 2016

Dr Tina Carter is an aerialist, artist and researcher specialising in the field of Arts and Disability. To support her PHD she produced with AF Film a short documentary exploring the limitations of disability. Working with writer and actor Sophie Partridge they devised and presented an aerial dance which was documented throughout the production by AF Film. Interviews with both Sophie and Tina take us further into understanding the meaning of this production as writer, aerialist and film maker. The film has been widely screened at a number of film festivals and continues to be for us a work we are proud to have been a part of. The original piano score was written and recorded by Anton French. www.airhedz.co.uk


“Knowing I wanted to be able to share the work as widely as possible meant creating a film; having worked for several years on diverse projects with Anton French, he was naturally my first choice film maker. As always he proved invaluable to the project, not only filming what Sophie and I created but his creativity and curiosity greatly contributed to the whole project. His eye for detail, his personable approach and his professionalism ensured we ended up with a film of which we could all be proud.” Dr Tina Carter