11th October 2016

AF Film was commisioned by The Foreland School and East Kent Mencap to produce an informative resource to help parents and young people through the transition period. We talked with many parents and support organisations to identify the main issues for young people, parents and carers during transition. The film highlights parents concerns surrounding funding issues and awareness of services available as well as speaking with the local authority about the changes currently being implemented that seek to reduce the difficulties faced by families.

Film Narration

“All parents want to give their children the best start in life and this means finding the right school to offer the best oportunities to learn, grow and aspire. A difficult point in any young persons life is when they leave school and getting the choices right to help them move closer to realising their projections is important. The tranistion from school to college, work or a greater independent life are the main considerations and it is necessary to consider these elements carefully but as important is the need to help raise aspirations by encouraging and supporting a young person to reach high and and be the best that they can.”