The Pod Children’s Therapies – online content supporting service provision

16th November 2020

NHS Trusts need clear communications, as a resource for patients, to share information between Trusts, and to ensure services run smoothly. More health services are finding digital and online media are enabling them to find better  care solutions for their patients and communities. Providing information, training and support online provides a valuable resource that works hand in hand with clinicians to find the best solutions for patients. 

The Pod children’s services offers a wide range of NHS provision for children from Speech and Language to Occupational Therapy. They found that they had lots of information that they always needed to give to patients via appointments. Moving some of this information and support online has reduced the need for clinicians to spend valuable appointment time giving information individually and resulted in a more efficient service that works better for both patients and staff. 

AF Film has been helping The Pod to provide patients with additional support accessed online, with over 30 pieces of work produced including information films, self help guides, and other media such as power points and voice coaching, all with goal of helping to ensure patients get the best care possible. 

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